Our white-label solutions portfolio

With our deep knowledge of technology, business and finances we developed a series of products that are answers to future opportunities in the fintech world

Digital assets management platform

Start your own digital tokens stock market, blockchain accelerator or incubator, create and manage digital tokens and build Private or Public offering systems inside your ecosystem

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Marketing acceleration platform

Levelo is an innovative marketing aceleration system, which allows you to build a network of influencers that will get paid for completing all the tasks you set in your campaign

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E-commerce platform

Offer online-shops to your customers as a part of your business. With the help of our technology, you can generate and manage online shops for your customers.

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compliance platform

We help to manage the process of communication and verification of potential and existing digital assets shareholders for any type of legal compliance

Digital tokens
payment gateway

Accept digital assets as a payment for your goods or services. Integrate your token with any type of e-commerce system, build a dynamic FIAT to Tokens conversion

Digital tokens
distribution API

Integrate your internet service with your token with the use of REST API. Send tokens to peoples' wallet for any type of actions you designed. For example asc chargebacks or rewards

We provide tailored solutions

We wisely connect technology and business

Fintaro is a software development company specializing in white-label technologies that can be tailored to the specific enterprise' needs. We provide technology and experts from the Fintech, Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud, AI and Mobile space that will understand your requirements and adapt them to our software solutions. We're not integrators! We provide our own developed technologies that have been commercially tested on the market by thousands of users!

Szymon Bolczyk

Co-founder & Managing Director

I am a co-founder and a managing director of Fintaro. We have a very strong team comprising of software and blockchain engineers with proven track of record of delivering a variety of fin-tech products for enterprises and specialize in Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud, AI and mobile applications. Our cutting edge solutions can directly improve financial industry bottom-line in extremely competitive and disruptive industry.

Our management team has vast international experience, from Abu Dhabi to Silicon Valley, in both the start-up, technology, and corporate world, whilst I have 12 years of leadership experience in blue-chip companies in finance and technology, what lays a solid foundation for our business and ability to deliver top tech solutions for enterprises.

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