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About Board

Start your own digital tokens stock market, blockchain accelerator or incubator, create and manage digital tokens and build Private or Public offering systems inside your ecosystem

The emergence of blockchain technology started to bring a wave of changes to the financial industry. The rise of digital assets opens new possibilities for the whole industry. That’s why we developed the Board to help financial institutions to join the upcoming revolution. With help of the Board, you are able to create and manage any type of digital assets regardless of the form, Security, Utility or Combined, a novel blend of the both. 

However, the board is something more. Not only it allows you to manage the full process of private or public offering of digital assets, but also allows to do it in via a cloud-based system. Imagine that you can start your own stock market, venture company, start-up incubator or crowdfunding platform that shifts all the companies you work with into the world of digital assets. You can for example offer shares, products or services for issued digital tokens. You can act as a regulator bringing legal and quality standards to your investors depending on your strategy. Board is offered as a fully customized white labeled instance. 

Designed for

  • Banks
  • Financial Companies
  • Venture Capital
  • Stock markets
  • Government
  • Corporate Ventures
  • Accelerators
  • Incubators
  • Enterprises

Imagine you can tokenize any company you imagine with use of simple tools. That's Board

The platform!

Board represent a set of tools and technologies under one platform which can be started as a white-label platform for your organisation. Our platform help to manage the processes of all parties involved in modern era investments. Organisations can create tokens and in simple words tokenize interested companies.

When token is ready for sale, board helps to handle the process of offering with respect to all regulations you develop such as KYC/AML or STO/UTO terms and conditions. Our techology brings a user-friendly interface in hands of all the parties and remove the complicated blockchain development that need to be done.

  • Tokenize any type of company
  • Create STO/UTO/CTO
  • Simplify the investors journey
  • Help companies to utilize the tokens

From token Preparation to Utilization


Source and analyze companies, score the companies, create terms of token usage and test them.


Build STO/UTO/CTO token with use of simple generators. Manage the hardcoded funcionts and distirbution


Start a crowdsale campaign in private or public offering model. Manage the KYC/AML, Transactions, allocation


Help companies to utilize the token, create dividend contracts, manage dividend, let business accept tokens for products

Case studies for different industries

  • Banks
  • Venture Capital
  • Accelerators
  • Stock Markets
Build your digital market

Join the revolution of tommorow and create your internal digitial assets market. Offer your clients/investors a brand new assets with full respect to current regulations and legislations. Sell Securities or utilities tokens and help investors to utilize them with use of different methods you can offer with help of our software

  • Build token fund
  • Invest in Blockchain products
  • Automate the process of token invetsments
Build your token fund

With use of our platform you can create a modern investment fund which will help your investors to invest money in any type of digital tokens. Build an ecosystem where you help companies to create tokens, legalize them and than manage the process of private sale to your investors.

  • Use structured sales
  • Make salesman from every person
  • Use brokers
  • Pay for positive stories
Accelerate blockchain companies

Build a blockchain accelerator, invite companies for acceleration. Work out the type of token, an offering method and utilization strategy and build it with Board toolkit. Introduce blockchain company to potential investors by starting the private offer of all acccelerated businesses under your umbrella

  • Manage the acceleration process
  • Build tokens fitted for specific business
  • Cover the legal part under your umbrella
Build a token stock market

Use blockchain to build a distributed ledger digital assets stock market. Offer shares of a companies in form of securities under legal umbrella you provide. Move natural trading process to your investors with use of Board market

  • Build modern stock exchange
  • Build a stock system for token offering
  • Supervise and control the tokens

Imagine you can sell any type of tokens to your investors. That's board!

A quick technical overview

  • Token Offering
  • Token Creation
  • Token Utilization
  • Other

Buy, Sell, Trade tokens

Board allows to create investors, investment wallets and manage it from the perspective of a web-browser. This way the system is easy to understand and operate for every non-technical user. All acquired tokens can be stored on users wallets.
Board allow investors to choose different type of contracts provided by the enterprise. Wallets can be managed by investor himself or partially of fully managed by the enterprise investment manager. In simple words investor can choose investments for himself or let the operator do that for him based on created strategy
Investment contracts/wallets can be created by system administrators or by investor by himself. In the self-creation method board support major top-up methods. Investors can top-up investment contracts by Credit Card, Paypal or by Cryptocurrency transfer like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Everything in fully automated way
Investors can acquire digital tokens with a click of a button. Just choose a project, select wallet and enter the number of tokens you want to acquire. Investors can also subscribve to a waiting list if the token offering will start in the future.
Board helps to verify and control the investors to be aligned with current regulations. The system can be setup in a way enterprise works including the 3rd party AML verfification provider integration. We build tools to make the process easy and secure in case you want to sell security tokens.

Tokenize any business

Board is quiped in a set of tools for business owners which allows to create tokens in different blockchain networks. Just simply enter the information about the token construction from a business perspective, generate code and deploy the contract with a click of a button. Everything from a perspective of user friendly interface. The token can be deployed under supervision of the system or directly from a Business Wallet (which represent a private key for token control). You can create any type of tokens including Utility and Security tokens.
Based on your token you're able to create a private offer called a crowdsale attached to your token. You can define how the token will be offered to whom and on what price. The system will generate the code which can be verified and help busines to deploy it in network which will be a base for it. The token sale can be aligned with compliance regulations, board will help to manage this process. On top of that you can decide who from your platform can buy tokens and on what terms.
Board is designed to handle of types of assets, that's why the construction of the token is designed to work for developed regulations. Whitelists for controling the trading mechanism, Lockup list for controling the emisssion, minting and burning support and other function. Everything to help to develop the token contract which will fit the needs of the legsilation were the token is created.
You can involve all the members of your management and advisory team to verify the businesses added to the system funnel. The scoring mechanism allows to define the overal experience over the project and let you decide if it pases your internal standards

Trade tokens, Accept tokens

Board allows to run an internal trading platform, which allows people to buy and sell tokens acquired on the platform. Everything attached to a current token regulations
Use our integrating gateways and add token to a business you tokenize. Accept tokens as payment methods or exchange them to any selected FIATs.
Built-in refferal program

You can run a refferal program which will allow you to make an interaction with your current investors. The system can be configured to pay a commision for all the assets paid from invited friends. A range of settings allow to make this system a very powerful machine that helps to build a larger number of investors for your investment portfolio

  • Let people get paid for activity
  • Limit the program to build exsclusivity

Built-in Blockchain support

Blockchain technologies and especially token technology can bring a lot of benefits to marketing acceleration ecosysten. Levelo was designed to support token distirbution and handling. With that support you can set levelo to work with your token. Your users can earn not only cash but also your tokens. The token distribution and payments can be manual or automatic. Imagine someone get a reward for a task which is automatically transferred to users wallets
Levelo initially was designed to handle ERC-20 tokens based on ethereum network. Later we added support to different types of wallets allowing to work not only with tokens based on other networks but also with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. We also can provide a blockchain technology which can be implemented only for purpose of specific organization... a private masternode with private token asset
Fintaro provide a set of tools to setup the unique token for your organization which can be distirbuted and collected by members of your network. What you will do with that token later is up to you. You can just pay it to user wallet but also set the monetization strategy and exchange token for cash with support of levelo technology
Sell mortgage loans

Let people to sell your product just by providing a link to their friends. They can copy the unique link in the levelo system and provide it to leads. This can be done by private recommendation or a post on social media or blog. You can work like that with normal people, but also a narrowed influencers who will have a full report of the effect of the campaign. The generated link will be pointed to your initial contact form and that's it. You can increase a number of sold loans with use of thousend of people

  • Use recommendation strategy
  • Create influencer from every person
  • Pay only for effects

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