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About Shop

Shop was developed to help enterprises to add e-commerce to their business strategy. With help of Shop by Fintaro you can start your own SaaS platform where you're able to create e-commerce shops that can be offerd to your current or new customers.

Shop is a fully white-labeled platform with all advantages of a Software as a service solution. You can offer internet shop to keep your customers around your business or extend your current product like with one-more products, an internet shop offer. 

Shop can be fully customized including the pricingand resources strategy. For example you can easily create different plans for your shops, develop trials and limitations which can be alligned with types of clients you're dealing with. Shop can be also a money making machine for you, you just have to include your payments channels and shop by fintaro will work for you as a subscription based system.

Shop is an easy to use software for users, equiped with all the things that are needed to start a succesfull online selling

Designed for

  • Services companies
  • Banks
  • Telco companies
  • Government agencies
  • Hosting companies
  • Internet providers
  • Franchises
  • Fintech

Imagine you can offer your clients online shop as an add-on to your current offer. That's Shop

Add another revenue stream to your business!

Your client probably deal with internet shops on a daily basis. Almost every business owner, especially a small and medium one think about expantion with use of internet. What if you can offer them an internet shop that he can run under his own name.

This will increase the profits of the business and makes in more competitive. It can also start a new revenue stream for you or create something which will keep a customer with you... build loyality.

  • Offer online shops to your clients
  • Help them to grow
  • Create another revenue strem for yourself
  • Build loyality

Case studies for different industries

  • Banks
  • Telco
  • B2B services
  • Hosting
Offer online shop to your business account owners

Make an online shop a market advantage that bring and keep your business account owners. This Over-the-top service will make your bank more competitive. By helping business to grow in the internet space you increase their loyalty to the bank and revenue on the account which makes companies stronger and your profits bigger

  • Add Online-shops as add-on to your offer
  • Help business owners to grow
  • Increase revenue on accounts
Add online shop to your mobile plan for business

Phone is something strongly connected with a business. In this competitive world you can offer over-the-top service to your clients by offering them an online-shop as a part of their plan. This will be another reason for a client to stay with your helping and responsible companies.

  • Keep clients with your service
  • Help them to grow
  • Create plans for your shop and grow additional revenue strems
Add another revenue stream to your current business offer

If you're already providing services to business clients you can expand your offer with an online-shops. Start your own online-shop business and sell clients subscription plans under your own brand. Build recurring revenue on online shops with your own strategy connected with flat-fee or usage-fee

Hosting providers

Offer an online-shop together with your server space. Connect a usage service with selling service to create another market opportunity. Bring more clients to your service

  • Keep clients with your service
  • Help them to grow
  • Create plans for your shop and grow additional revenue strems

Imagine you can create additional revenue stream with help of e-commerce. That's shop

A quick technical overview

  • SaaS
  • Sales Management
  • Orders & Payments
  • Marketing

Full Software as a Service platform for your business clients

Our tecnology is develope in a Software as a service technology. When installed on a server you will get access to the ssytem under your name where you or your clients (depend on your choice) can create new online shops with a simple registration form.
New shops can exists under your domain (for example: myshop.yourdomain.com) or they can be attached to a client domain which makes shops totally unique and help your clients to build their brands. Let your clients to attach their domains. The shops you create with our software are totally customizable to meet your client expectations
All the shops can be integrated with your current data system. Our SaaS platform is equiped with a fully REST API which makes the integration easier. Imagine you can transfer information to the system. This enables you to integrate the service with your current billing system for example. You can turn on/off client instance for example if your main service is not continuated
We can modify the system in a way you want to meet your expectations. You're building shops for specific industry and something more? Not a problem provide us with important information and we will add a cusotmziation for you

Simple and effective sales system

Every shop instance can be customized. Depend on your client strategy he can choose between single product sale or multi-products shop. Except the type of the shop clients can customize the shop with domain, name, logotypes, colors, terms and more
The main idea of our product was to create the simples selling system for the end-clients. We created a 3 steps system that allows to buy something fast and without complications. To help develop connected sales our system is equiped with smart recommendations, which can be described as "We recommend to buy this if you bought this". This and more scenarios like that can be developed with our platform
Every single product on the shop can be customized. You can categorize products, build small and wide descriptions, build galleries, attach files with specificiation.
The system is equiped with system stock system that can be used to control the quantities of the products for sale and limitations. You can set the maximum number of sold products, minim and maxium quantities per user and sales priorities.
The shop is also equiped with a sales-licensing system which allows to by specific products for licence owners. The people allow to buy something need to enter the licence key that was manually assigned by your stuff! This is perfect for private or members-only sales

Full orders management system

Your clients are able to manage the orders within a system. The orders allow to track the progress based on overall status, payment and shipping status. It also allow to work with return and problems that will appear with the internet orders
Miniorders is equiped with multiple payment methods that can be used by end user. This include Credit Card support, Paypal, Dotpay and Wire transfers. The easy to use integration methods automate the process of payments and returns
The system is equiped with poerful shipping control system that allow to create any shippment plans you need. We developed the system to work in the local or worldwide range with different shipping costs
To handled compalicated VAT management system when trading inside and outside EU we developed an automatic system with invocing that handle that process for all locations. You don't need to worry about the different VAT values or trading with Business abroad.

Built-in marketing options

The system is equiped with a powerful discount codes system which help to develop codes with limitations of all kinds. This helps to work with social media and influencers
You can create a special affiliate links that can be send to your partners. Every person will be tagged when reaching a website from a link and the agreed amount of comission will be paid from orders. System helps to calculate this and pay to affiliates.
System allows to sell in a members-only mode. Every person that wants to buy needs to enter the unique code which can be attached to uyour product. This helps to create internal shop for your clients.
Build a newsletter for your existing and potential clients. Connect it with a discount codes and keep in touch with your client base
System allows to integrate the Google Adwords, Levelo marketing support to help you benefit from traditional Search Engine marketing

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